As we're isolated and doing our part to keep each other safe, let's reunite in our digital world and channel our crazy ideas to reality, regardless of whether you are a first-time coder or have 20 years of Android development experience at Coderarc 2021 -the most creative 24-hour hackathon. To all aspiring developers, engineers, designers, and tech lovers worldwide, we invite you to come break barriers, celebrate technology, and learn together alongside 1000+ of the most innovative minds in the Southeast Asia and around the globe. Technology can connect us, while our passions and ideas have the power to unite us.  


Anyone and Everyone!



Teams will be required to submit a video presentation presenting their project. This presentation should include an overview of the project’s stack, the purpose of the project, major challenges, and a demo of the software running. No need to be fancy, as long as you describe your process. You'll upload your video to Youtube and submit the link when submitting your project here.

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The best in each category (3)

The winners will get 3 Udemy courses absolutely free and the knowledge, along with thrilling participation!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Pink Coder

Pink Coder

Judging Criteria

  • Most Creative Project
  • Best use of AR/VR
  • Most Interesting Project

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